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Surfacing the Concrete

Concrete Kings is Atlanta’s premier concrete contractors. If you are in need of any kind of concrete work, the only call you need to make is to Concrete Kings. We have been pouring, stamping, and resurfacing concrete in Atlanta and the surrounding area for over 20 years now. We ensure that our work is the best you will find and the price will be even better.

Concrete can be a very challenging material to work with. It is incredible that what starts as essentially dust and rock can have water added to it and it become a malleable material that can be formed and finished. For centuries, the only way to get roads and surfaces with the durability of concrete was to have stone and masons. Now concrete contractors are the masons of the future. 

While that is still an option today, it comes with a GIGANTIC price tag. Concrete can now accomplish most all of the things that stone and stone masons can and at a fraction of the cost. Concrete can be molded, cut, stained, etc. Whatever you want to do and however you want it to look can be achieved with concrete and Concrete Kings is a master at all.

Who needs concrete?

In short, everyone! Everyone needs concrete. Even if they don’t realize it, everyone has come in to contact with concrete at some point in their lives. Concrete is integral in the daily lives of American citizens. Retaining walls to hold back earth? Most people have needed this even if they didn’t realize it. The concrete to support bridge footers? Yep, you’ve needed it. The foundation of your home? Well, that’s a given.

Concrete Kings are the concrete contractors that understand the importance that concrete plays in our daily lives and it is why we care so much about it and it why we make sure to provide the highest quality concrete contractor work you will find anywhere in Atlanta.



Residential Concrete Contractors

Your home is your safe place. It is where you go at the end of the day and so you want it to be your castle. Well, every castle is incomplete without a little concrete. Concrete Kings offers a wide variety of residential concrete services ranging from concrete countertops to driveways to pool decks to retaining walls. Whatever your home needs, Concrete Kings can make it happen

Decorative Concrete Contractors

Concrete has come a long way from being mixed in a pit in the back yard by sticks and guys with bare feet (although it is still done like this in much of the world). 21st century concrete is specially formulated to do exactly what we want it to do. From heavy use like on patios and walkways to lighter use on countertops, concrete is specially formulated to do any job you ask it to do.

We offer a wide variety of decorative concrete services that include:

Concrete countertops – whatever shape and depth your heart desires, Concrete Kings has the expertise and artisans to make your concrete countertop dreams come true

Concrete Stamps – Very few people want just basically concrete slabs. Concrete Kings offers a bunch of different concrete stamps in different sizes.

Concrete Patios – Looking for that beautiful backyard BBQ space that your friends have that you have been jealous of for a while? Concrete Kings loves making backyard dream come true by offering Concrete Patio options with a variety of shapes, stamps, and colors. Whatever your stamped concrete patio idea, Concrete Kings can bring it to life.


Concrete Driveways – One of the obvious flaws of concrete is that it often doesn’t last forever. However, that is rarely the fault of the concrete. Tree Roots are the largest culprit behind cracked driveways. Another culprit is ground that was properly graded which results in uneven settling and cracked concrete.

Regardless, you need a new driveway and we can make that happen. Concrete Kings specializes in new driveways for residential and commercial instruction. We know that concrete driveway cost is a concern so our no-nonsense quote system will hopefully give you peace of mind in that regard

Concrete Driveway Repair – Don’t need a new driveway? We totally get it. We won’t try to sell you one if you don’t need it. We offer spot and section repair on concrete driveways even if we didn’t originally install it.

Concrete Driveway Sealer – Sealer sounds like one of those scams, but we promise you, it isn’t. Sealing concrete makes it look better while simultaneously increasing its life by protecting it from the inevitable damage of prolonged exposure to water

Concrete Walkways – want that nice, curvy walkway from the driveway to the front porch or from the garage to the fire pit in the back? Concrete Kings loves nothing more than to craft beautiful, winding concrete sidewalks.


Pool Decks – We would never pretend to be good at installing pools so you should never trust a pool installer to pour and form your concrete. Make sure you make the right call on a concrete contractor to ensure you get the best pool deck to go with that beautiful pool you invested in. We offer stamped concrete pool decks as well as concrete pool deck resurfacing.

Pavers – leveling and laying pavers can be a hassle. We offer a wonderful package where we come and level the surface and place the pavers. Give us a call

Retaining Wall – Retaining walls have a variety of uses. The primary use is to hold back ol’ mother earth. If you have a really hilly yard and want to have a flat place for a pool or a place for the kids to play, you may want to consider a retaining wall. Retaining wall cost is certainly a consideration, but a properly built and formed retaining wall can pay off down the road by providing safety and peace of mind.


Commercial Concrete Contractors

Concrete Kings loves the personal touch that we can provide as a residential concrete contractor, but we also love working with developers and small businesses to help keep their costs down while completing their respective projects. Concrete Kings offers numerous commercial concrete services including foundations, hard scapes, and ready mix

Foundations – Concrete Kings is Atlanta’s number one concrete foundation contractor. We have a long history of working with general contractors because they trust the product that we provide. We take tremendous care when pouring and shaping foundations because we understand the importance that it plays in the overall integrity of a structure.

Without a solid base, a building is susceptible to all kinds of issues. Don’t take the foundation lightly, call Concrete Kings today to ensure your foundation is in the right hands

Hardscapes – When I first heard the word “hardscapes” as a teenager, I was like, “What?!” But now that I know what they are, I understand the level of beauty a hardscape can bring to a home or an office park. We love the patience and care that goes into designing and implementing a hardscape and are happy to show off our catalog of work so you can see some of the beautiful creations we are responsible for. We do hardscaping and hardscape design

Ready Mix – if you are in need of a large quantity of concrete, we are happy to supply as much ready mix concrete as your job needs.

We have been serving the Atlanta area for more than 20 years now. Our concrete has been walked on by millions and millions of people and as a family-owned business, we believe that our concrete will be walked on by tens of millions more. Concrete Kings loves Atlanta and Atlanta loves Concrete Kings. With our wide array of concrete services in tandem with our always affordable pricing, we know you will be happy having called Concrete Kings.

We also know that concrete work can be expensive. Concrete work cost is very highly searched and is often one of, if not the, first questions that we have to answer on a call or during an inspection. We believe our pricing will be competitive with any quote and we can even offer a variety of package options so that if you cannot afford the most expensive ones, we can try our best to do whatever works and gets the job done for whatever you are looking for. 

Our office team is ready and waiting to take your call today. If concrete is what you need, then Concrete Kings is the only concrete contractor call you need to make. Concrete is not gray, boring and drab like it used to be. We are a concrete contractor to be sure, but often we feel like artists so when we have a project that requires a little more design, we love it because it helps let our creative juices flow. If you are looking to really make your home and the area surrounding your home beautiful at an affordable price, concrete is the only choice to make.

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