​​​​Concrete Countertops


Concrete countertops have been around for a while now, but thanks to America’s favorite house-flipping couple, they have exploded on the scene, which we think is a good thing over here at concrete kings. Concrete countertops are much more affordable than the traditional granite or stone yet unlike those two kinds of surfaces, concrete countertops are customizable and can be done in any room of the house like the bathroom, the kitchen, or entertaining areas like a bar. The best part is, once they are sealed, maintaining a concrete countertop is incredibly easy and they are very very durable.

With all of that said, let’s talk about some of the pros and the couple of cons that come with choosing concrete countertops for your home. One of the first, and biggest, pros, is that concrete countertops are completely customizable. Planning your dream kitchen in your new home or for a remodel in your existing home can be daunting. Trying to find a pre-formed counter and sink that fits the form and function you are looking for can be a challenge. With concrete countertops, if you can envision it, it is likely possible. Since concrete is poured into forms, so long as the forms can be built the concrete countertops can be poured. The limit of a beautiful concrete countertop is simply your imagination.

Another great advantage of concrete countertops is how durable they are. Concrete, once hard, can be a very resilient material. Especially in a light use area like the kitchen or entertainment area, most all of the use will come from parents and kids. There hopefully won’t be any cars driving over your countertops or trees growing their roots underneath. Because of this, you can expect your concrete countertops to last a very long time.

 Like with most everything in life, concrete countertops come with a few cons. One, concrete countertops, while cheaper than your more fancy materials like single cut pieces of marble, are pricier than the traditional rolled Formica. The fact that they are fully customizable and subject to the prices of artistry is what adds to this cost. Second, concrete countertops take a little longer. The form has to be built and then once the concrete is poured, it needs time to cure. So, if you are trying to build or remodel a home quickly, concrete countertops likely aren’t the answer for you. Lastly, concrete countertops are subject to staining if things are spilled on it and not cleaned immediately. The solution for this is to ensure your countertop is sealed first and then resealed every couple of years.