​​​​Concrete Patios



Stamped concrete is the time and money saving solution to fancy pavers and extravagant stone. With stamped concrete and stamped concrete patios, you can turn a basic patio into a beautiful place that you and your friends want to be at a fraction of the cost of laid stone. This method of concrete stamping replicates the look of stone almost perfectly and comes with significantly less maintenance than some of the other more traditional patio surfaces. Another great benefit of stamped concrete and stamped concrete patios is that they can be done in a wide array of patters and even colors. That’s right! You can do multiple colors with your stamped concrete patio. You can check out some of our pictures below for stamped concrete patio ideas or you can come up with designs of your own. The beauty of concrete is that if you can imagine it, it is likely possible to do.

As with all home projects, when you are considering doing a stamped concrete patio, you need to consider all of advantages and disadvantages of going this route. Some of the advantages to choosing a stamped concrete patio is once it is sealed, maintenance is a breeze. Stamped concrete is very durable and can last a very long time. Stamped concrete patios are more affordable than the other more traditional options like stone or pavers. On top of all this, a well done stamped concrete patio can add to the beauty of your home while also adding value to your home. Looking to sell and want to make your house more appealing to a buyer and make the price you ask for more appealing to you? Consider adding a beautiful stamped concrete patio.

While having a beautiful stamped concrete patio comes with its obvious advantages listed above, it also has some drawbacks. Doing a stamped concrete project on your own can be very challenging. It also needs to be taken care of in the form of cleaning and resealing. Just like with concrete anywhere, the edges and corners can be prone to cracking and fracturing and repairing those cracks and fractures on your own can be expensive and challenging.  

Even with all the options you can choose from whether it be patterns or colors, going the stamped concrete patio direction is still a much more cost-effective way to get the beautiful look you want without breaking the bank. The cost of a traditional stone is definitely more expensive than stamped concrete, but pavers can be a little cheaper. With pavers, though, you run the long-term cost of having to deal with the pavers separating and weeds growing in the cracks. So really, the best option to consider when doing a back-yard patio is a stamped concrete patio. If you choose the right concrete contractor like Concrete Kings, then your investment, as long as it is properly maintained, will last for decades and will always be something you are proud of and are proud to take your friends and family out on to share with you.

Concrete Pavers – An alternative to stamped concrete patios is the use of pavers. Pavers come pre-formed from the manufacture in just about any color imaginable (except for an array of neons) and in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Once the ground is properly leveled, pavers can be placed in any design you can think of. The advantage of pavers is that they can be cheaper than some of the more intricate concrete designs. Also, if you decide to change the design in the future, removing pavers is very very easy. The primary downside to pavers is that because they naturally have spacing in between them, water can get through resulting in the ability for plants and weeds to make their way through. Concrete pavers are a great option for those on a budget.

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