Foundations – Concrete Kings is Atlanta’s best concrete foundation company. We have been pouring foundations for over 20 years now and our quality and customer reviews speak for themselves. The foundation is easily the most important part of any home. Without a good foundation, nothing matters. So, a properly poured concrete slab foundation can either make a house, or worse, break the house. Structural issues involving the walls, windows, and roofs are inevitable if you have an improperly poured concrete foundation. Any issues with the roof, windows, or roof can lead to greater cost to you than you would have spent by going with a proven atlanta concrete contractor in Atlanta like Concrete Kings.

Once the ground has been graded, Concrete Kings will dig the footers of the foundation, set the rebar, and then after a thorough inspections, we will pour the footings. Every one of these steps is under extreme scrutiny because we understand the importance of the foundation. After the plumbing is roughed-in, then we go about carefully pouring the concrete to ensure that the plumbing is safe and unmoved by the foundation.

Concrete Kings can handle any kind of job when it comes to foundations. We have done single custom home builds with a single slab as well as custom home builds with tiered slabs. We have even done foundations with poured walls. Concrete Kings can also handle large development projects. We have done multiple 100 home developments with great results and responses from the contractors.

Concrete Kings is no longer doing Concrete Foundation Repair (link to foundation site). Due to the very precise nature of the services that we offer combined with the fact that foundation repair has evolved into a whole new industry with some of the available products. We do, however, recommend the Foundation Repair Company linked above.