​​​​Pool Decks



Concrete Pool Decks – summer is nearly here and with summer there is nothing more wonderful than jumping into your very own pool! Pools are iconic when we think of summer. It is generally the default when people think of summer outside of the beach. So, when it comes to having that beautiful pool in your backyard, make sure you have the beautiful concrete pool deck to go with it. Thanks to the wonders of technology and the advancements in concrete technology that we see today, you can turn a concrete pool deck into a marvelous retreat that blends seamlessly into the look and feel of your home. With a variety of colors and textures available, having the pool of your dreams is a phone call away.

As builders of beautiful pool decks, Concrete Kings likes to take a few things into account when designing the layout and feel or your new cement deck. First, we want to consider the orientation. If this has not come up in discussion with your pool builder, then you need to make sure you ask. How the pool is facing and where it is in reference to the trees and the house is vitally important. How the pool is oriented can make all the difference.  A poorly oriented pool can be in the shade during the worst hours of the day and that is the absolute last thing that you want. Can we say, “Nightmare?” You also want to consider where it is with relation to the home. The home acts as a perfect impediment to the wind and as long as the pool is positioned properly, you can avoid large gusts of wind blowing away your towels or knocking over your umbrellas.

Another thing that we look at is how big your property is. If the property itself is small, then it is assured that the pool will be closer to the home. Because of the pool’s proximity to the home, it is important that the aesthetics and layout are similar to the home. If you do that, then the pool deck will blend seamlessly into the home and you will certainly be the envy of you friends. If the property is larger and you have the luxury of placing the pool farther from the home, then the design elements may not need to match the home and it can almost act as a standalone element in your landscaping. Either way, we have you covered and will go over all of the beautiful concrete options with you to ensure you make the best decision. There are many other aesthetic considerations to think about when it comes to your concrete pool deck, but these are all things you can discuss in your free consultation.

Lastly, when building a pool deck, you want to consider safety and longevity, which, as it turns out, are very related to one another. When considering safety, you may want to look into having the concrete sealed with a sealant that contains some slip proof elements. There are slip-resistant additives that we can add directly to the sealant to ensure that when the concrete is wet, it certainly won’t feel slippery. The reason I said those two things (safety and longevity) are related is that if you decide to seal it with a sealant that has slip-resistant qualities, then you have also sealed the concrete, protecting it from exposure to water and harsh chemicals associated with owning a pool. Even if you have a saltwater pool, it is important that the concrete is sealed because saltwater is particularly hard on concrete over the course of its life. Either way, it is important to have your concrete pool deck sealed.