​​​​Ready Mix



Ready Mix Concrete – Sometimes, you just need a lot of concrete to get a job done and you feel prepared to do the concrete work yourself. While Concrete Kings doesn’t recommend that for a variety of reasons, we are still Atlanta’s number one provider of Ready Mix Concrete for any job, anywhere. As long as you have the dimensions correct, Concrete Kings has the right processes in place to ensure we order just the right amount of concrete for a job. We know that it can be frustrating to order more concrete than you need. When money is tight, saving money on every little thing can help and we ensure that we will do our best to bring you just the right amount of concrete for the job.

Now, there are some recommendations when it comes to choosing the Ready Mix you need for the job. First, you need to be sure you know what the function of the concrete is going to be. The beauty of concrete today is that there are different formulations depending on the kind of function the concrete will be performing. This kind of science behind the scenes is great for helping keep overall costs down, but it also makes it more important for you to understand what the job it will be used for is. If you are using it for a driveway, then you don’t want to order concrete for countertops. If you are using it for a walkway, then ordering enough to poor a whole pool deck would be silly. Make sure you understand the job before you place the order.

Lastly, there is the cost to consider. Most ready mix is going to be similarly priced. But, when working with concrete, make sure you take other costs into account. For instance, when calculating the cost, you need to think about the forms you will be using. You need to ask yourself if the concrete needs to have extra support or reinforcement. If the ground you are working with is not level, you may need to consider the cost of grading as well. Also, the last thing you need to think about is whether or not you just want the same old drab gray concrete that has been used for decades or do you want to consider decorative concrete like stamped concrete. Either way, make sure you consider all the costs outside of the Ready Mix cost before you launch your project