​​​​Retaining Wall



Retaining Wall – building a retaining wall can be a daunting task. There are a variety of factors to consider before anyone can just launch into a retaining wall. First, if the retaining wall is a certain size, there are code considerations that come into play and may even require the presence of an engineer to ensure that building code is me. Concrete retaining walls can be a beautiful addition to any landscape, but we cannot forget that the primary function of a retaining wall is to hold back a lot of earth. Any corner cutting with retaining walls can result in a disaster. That being said, Concrete Kings has decades of experience in the Atlanta area working with retaining walls and we are well aware of the building codes and have access to a large network of engineers to assist with the job.

Once all safety and functions considerations have been covered, then we can start looking at different retaining wall ideas. Just like with any other kind of poured concrete, many of the advancements in concrete have made it possible to turn a retaining wall into a beautiful piece of art. Gone are the days where you needed a stone mason (EXPENSIVE) to make a wall with stone. With many of the forms available in concrete, you can use poured concrete to make a concrete retaining wall look like it was built by one the most skilled artisans of all time. There are many decorative concrete options available when it comes to retaining walls. Check out our pictures for some examples.

Retaining walls can be a wonderful addition to any yard or landscape. So, whether you are just trying to improve the look of your backyard or if you are a developer looking to make the front of your neighborhood stand out, having a decorative retaining wall can take a bland and mundane hillside and turn it into a beauty to behold. A well-done retaining wall can turn a runoff causing hillside into another beautiful and usable piece of your yard.

The last thing to consider is retaining wall cost. Retaining wall cost can vary widely. It always depends on the amount of concrete being poured and the level of sophistication of the forms. So, the more concrete that is poured for the retaining wall, the more expensive it will be. Also, if you want to have a beautiful artisan backyard, then it will also cost more. While it is hard to provide quotes over the phone, our free consultation should help clear up any questions you may have about the cost.

Concrete Kings also specializes in hardscapes and hardscaping. Are you tired of cutting all that grass or trimming all of those bushes? Consider converting your landscaping into hardscaping. We have been doing hardscape design for a long time and we have the design chops to make your back yard dreams come true. Have you ever seen those beautiful backyard BBQs with stone and all of this beautiful masonry? I can almost assure you that most, if not all, of what you were seeing was actually concrete. The cost of a stone mason is so high these days that it can be prohibitive to achieve that level of artisanry in your backyard. No more! With concrete hardscaping, you can make your entertaining dreams come true. With a combination of retaining walls, concrete stairs, and stamped and stained concrete patio sections, we can turn your backyard into a place typically reserved for your dreams or the movies. Call for you free hardscaping consultation today.